A warm welcome to the online admissions portal of the International School of Düsseldorf.  We hope you will find this process simple and straightforward.  Please do not hesitate to contact your ISD admissions manager if you have any questions.

Before you begin to complete the online admissions forms, please open the following five links and carefully read the information provided:

A link is provided at the bottom of this page for you to open an account and begin the online admissions process. Once your application is complete, your ISD admissions manager will pass it to the relevant principal for consideration, and you will be informed as soon as possible of the principal’s decision by means of an offer letter.

During the process of completing the online admission documents, you can log in and out using your personal login ID and password as many times as you like until the online application is complete. Complete the applications for all your children, and then use the submit tab to send them all to the Admissions Department

Additional documents for signing must also be downloaded and printed out. Once signed they may then be returned to us in hard copy, as email attachments, or uploaded via the Documents tab.

Wherever the word ‘parent’ is mentioned, this may also be taken to mean a legal guardian who has signed our power of attorney. Where the word ‘parent 1’ or ‘parent 2‘ is mentioned, this refers to the male or female parent or guardian, as appropriate.

A student signature is not required from students applying to the elementary school.


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Contact Admissions
Christine Proctor
Admissions Manager
T: +49 211 9406 800

Máire Reynolds
Admissions Manager
T: +49 211 9406 761